Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Wednesday,,,, We are not friends!

Ever have one of those days where you roll out of bed (off the couch) and as soon as your feet hit the floor, you just know it's going to be a bad day? Well, that's me, and that day is today. It is not even 9:00 AM and already I am thinking that I either need an undo, a redo, or an easy button. Days like today really make a person wish that they sold cans of easy in the grocery store!!!

When I opened my eyes this morning I quickly realized something was amiss. My first sights were not the pale blue walls of my bedroom, but rather the dim light of the TV surrounded by darkness. At that moment, panic sat in,  "Where am I, and how did I get here?" A few seconds later when my brain caught up to my body and was awake, I realized a few things. First, and most importantly Yes, I am in my house, and thankfully didn't take some creepy sleep walking excursion. Whew! It seems as though last night I had an insomniac total crash-- Insomniac total crash, is when you brain and body finally reach a level of exhaustion that causes you to simply shut down. During these periods neither your brain or body care about what you are doing, or even where you are, they demand sleep, and WILL win! -- Apparently my brain decided that while I was trying to convince an overly tired toddler to sleep, perhaps I should sleep too. What my brain doesn't realize, is that my body is getting old and a small cold couch is no place to spend the night. True, my toddler finds our couch comfy and decided long ago that it makes a better sleeping spot then his own bed, but mommy's body doesn't agree.

Fast forward.... BUZZZZZ! the sound of the alarm clock. Ugh! I've only been in my bed a few minutes, it cant really be morning already. Time to get going. Wake the kids up, and the second their eyes open the fighting begins. What is it with pre teens?  Fortunately the cranky toddler in my room has managed to snuggle with daddy and sleep through the noise, and I managed to get the kids off to school with no blood or broken bones.

Sneaking back in the front door... Ahh, silence... Wait... What's that noise I hear.. The pitty pat of little feet... "Momma, mook... puppies Translation = milk & Marley and me the puppy years (for the 900th time) head to the kitchen for milk... Opps, the slick stealth 2 year old spotted the starburst in just under 2 seconds... The chase is on... Oh the drama! The show was one which should grace the silver screen, perhaps even win a toddler academy award.
Mommy: No, you can not have candy at 8AM, no starburst for breakfast
Donivan: CANDY!!! CANDY!!
Mommy: Mommy, said no!
Donivan: CANDY!!! PEAS!!! CANDY!!! OPEN!
Mommy: No, Booboo
Donivan: (with tears in his eyes) CANDY! PEAS!!
Mommy: Ugh! I give up, here have a starburst for breakfast
I think that definitely qualifies as one of the moments, Where you think, "Boy I must be the worst mom ever." and it is immediately followed by, "Hey, the candy is keeping him quiet... Well, maybe candy at 8AM won't kill him, and no ones perfect right?!?"

So here it is barely 9:00AM and I have managed to get two extremely cranky pre teens off to school, and feed my 2 year old breakfast! Two check marks on my mile long "to do" list for the day... Too bad, I can't convince the house to clean itself, or the laundry to put itself away. Wonder if maybe I could bribe the house with starbursts : )

Well I am off to cook, clean, change diapers, run errands, etc. Thinking maybe I should return to the workforce sometime soon. Well not really, but I could use the vacation!!! Anyone have a couple cans of easy they would like to share??

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  1. LOL oh how I love following u on this blog. U make me smile. Love ya for that :+)