Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Silliness

Well, insomnia strikes again. So, Fall cleaning will commence in exactly 5...4...3... umm yea, nope, I changed my mind. I mean my messy house will still be here in the morning, it's not like I foresee little woodland animals showing up and cleaning for me while I sing in a very high pitch voice "Whistle while you work." Nah, my woodland animals are either deaf or just as lazy as I am right now. Besides, flipping through the TV channels watching 30 second of lots of random junk, and blogging sounds like a heap more fun, then cleaning.

Although, I can't seem to think of anything witty to write... Hmm, let me think... I am sure I can find some witty humor buried some where within this sleepy little head of mine...  Umm, yea, that's a big negative... How, is it possible for a person to get writers block when writing about their life? I think this is a sure sign that my life is pretty boring, or perhaps it's just the lack of brain function? I have no idea, but what I do know is that tonight I seem to be having some serious trouble finding something to write about that is interesting enough to keep even myself entertained.

I would think that with 20 million thoughts rolling around in my head, I could pick one of those thoughts and turn it into something interesting, funny, or even better interesting and funny to write about, but NO! Maybe cleaning would have been a better, and more productive option, at least then I would have been achieving something other than mindless exhausted rambles...

I sort of feel like Winnie the Pooh sitting here cross legged on my couch tapping my head. Think... think... Well, you know what I think? I think that considering I just compared myself to Short, round, yellow, honey craving bear perhaps maybe just maybe I am subjected to a few too many cartoons on a daily basis. Yup! I think that is a definite possibility

Ugh! now I have that song in my head... Winnie the pooh... Winnie the pooh.. Chubby little tummy all stuffed with fluff... He's Winnie the pooh... Winnie the pooh... Silly, willy, nilly old bear! Wow! I guess my randomness, and off the wall cartoon quoting just goes to show, the sort of mindless dribble that goes through the head of an overly exhausted, cartoon overdosed mind. Yikes!

You know what else I think? I think that considering I have like 100 some odd television channels, there should be something better (or at least a little more interesting) to watch at 2:00am  than an infomercial about "Fat fighter".  Just the name of this diet pill makes me laugh, I mean come on. Seriously?? "Fight fighter?" It sounds like the title to some REALLY bad karate movie, you know the ones where the lips move, and then after a 30 second or so delay you actually here the words?? or maybe "Fat Fighter" is some sort of twisted super hero. Wonder what kind of super powers that super hero would have... Maybe he would carry around a miniature lippo machine. I can imagine it now, "I am Fat Fighter, here to fight your fat, and save the day!!"

Oh my gosh! Either exhaustion has totally taken over, or I am slowly going insane. Maybe a little of both, either way I guess it's good that I am able to find some sort of humor in my life.. Maybe somewhere along the way, my crazy antics and analogies will give someone else a little chuckle... It's always nice to have people laugh with you, or is it laugh at you... Nope, I think it's definitely having people laugh with you... Yea, that's it... So, come on people... Laugh with me, or if you'd like, feel free to laugh at me... Just don't tell me about it Ok??  : )

2:18 and my blog post is getting sillier by the second, maybe I should at least try this thing people call sleep... I mean I do hear that a failed attempt is at least better than no attempt at all... Or is it, if at first you don't succeed try... try again??? Either way, I am pretty sure either one fits this situation...

One last thought before I fall into bed, and Try... Try again to get some sleep... You know how when you can't sleep people advise you to count sheep? Well, that got me to thinking... I wonder what sheep count when they can't sleep? Do they count humans? Just Visualize that, a little sheep laying in bed counting humans LOL!!!

Well, guess I found something at least slightly witty to write about after all... So, my job here is done... Now it's off to bed to count some sheep, and attempt to sleep... Good Night all, you've been a wonderful audience : )

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  1. Hi My name is Jenna and I came across your site. I wrote on your caring bridge site, but I hit paste and it put what I put on everyones page who hadn't past away, but I did read that he had past away so I am sorry. Anyways Dylan is an amazing handsome angel, his smile is shinning down on all who loves him, knows him and has been touched by him. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I love it when people sign my guestbook. What are the signs of Mito, and who do you go to get diagnosed, like what type of doctor. I am having majour health issues, and my parents are trying their best to get answers but the docs aren't giving us answers.