Thursday, March 15, 2012

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING is more important....

No matter what the world may tell you, there is NOTHING more important than family. The world may tell you that it is important to go to work and earn a living, have a great education, own a nice car, live in a nice house, and have the finer (more expensive) things in life. The world may try its hardest to convince you that without these things you will never be truly happy, but I am telling you That NOTHING can bring you true happiness like the tiny arms of your child wrapped around your neck, or walking hand in hand with your spouse watching the sun set.

The world will tell you there is a million things you need to do today. The house needs to be cleaned, the laundry has to be done, yard needs to be mowed, etc. However, there is nothing so pressing that it can not be put off to spend 10 minutes listening to your child tell a story, or helping with homework. There is nothing so important that you are unable to take 5 minutes to share a warm embrace with your spouse and tell them that you love them.

The messy house will stay messy, the tall grass will stay tall,  and the laundry will still be there when you get around to it. But, we are not promised tomorrow or even the next hour. While you are so busy putting so much value in material things, and importance on mundane daily tasks, you could unexpectedly loose some one you love.

 What if you woke up tomorrow morning, and everything you treasured in life was gone? What if you left your home this afternoon, and were in an accident, would you have regrets over the loved ones lost?

I only speak with love, and from true experience. Don't live a life that will leave you wondering what you could have done differently. I too was one of those people who put enormous value in material items, and put extreme importance on things like a clean well kept home, and a beautiful yard. I worried what others might think if they saw my home in disarray. Then, in the blink of an eye and completely unexpectedly I lost my child.

I know that my son knew without a doubt that he was greatly loved and cared for. However, my heart aches no longer having him to hold, wishing that I could turn back time, wishing I had spent more time loving him, holding him, being with him, taking in his smile, his laugh, his words, his smell.  I wish that instead of worrying about the dishes piling up in the sink, or the dirty clothes in the laundry room floor, I would have spent more time just cherishing every second I was blessed to have him.

You see, this last year (loosing my son, and loosing my home) has taught me more than any other year, or any other experience. Yes, it is ok to have nice things, and I am not saying you should live as a slob. I know that people have things that they must do in order to survive. However, I feel sorry for those who put so much value on worldly possessions that they forget about the people in their lives. I feel sorry for those who are like I myself once was, and get their value from the things they own, the jobs they work, or the education they have.

You may live in the biggest house, work a wonderful job, and drive the nicest car, but if the people in your life do not have the luxury of your time, your love, and your attention then all of those things mean nothing. What if tomorrow you went to work, and found out you were being replaced, what if something happened and you could no longer afford your big house, and nice car? Could you still find pleasure in life knowing that you were surrounded by people who loved you? Would you still find value in a life with no worldly (material) possession?  If you answered no then perhaps you should reevaluate your outlook. Perhaps you should spend this evening relearning how to see the world simple, and remarkable as it is through your child's eyes.

Don't take a single moment for granted. Don't assume that the people you love will still be there tomorrow when you aren't so busy, or you have more time. If you love someone let them know today, right now, don't let anyone ever wonder what their importance is to you. Remember NO ONE is promised tomorrow, so don't let tomorrow be filled with regrets.

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  1. Kimbra...first of all I am so proud of you sweetheart. Your blog was well said hun. I learned this same lesson in life when Uncle Butter went to be with the angels. As you say....nothing nothing is more important than being around the ones you love. Love you my love.