Friday, April 20, 2012

Wild and Crazy dreams

I think  most children grow up with dreams. Some of those dreams they consider realistic and obtainable, and other dreams they consider a bit far fetched or even a bit wild and crazy. I myself was no different. I did indeed have dreams I felt were obtainable like becoming a writer, but I also had one far fetched "Wild and Crazy" dream that I felt for many reasons was extremely unattainable.

Being raised as a tom boy who loved jumping fences, climbing trees, and being involved with sports didn't leave a lot of time for more girly dreams. None the less, in the back of my mind, I always had a  desire to be more than "one of the guys." I desperately wanted to be one of the pretty girls and would often daydream about modeling for pictures and walking run ways. I wanted to be clothed in the latest fashions with the big hair and gorgeous makeup. 

Until recently these dreams seemed to be only dreams which would never be full filled. That is until my friend Colleen opened her photography business Reflections in time photography and was needing models to pose for different sessions and help build her portfolio. I of course instantly volunteered!

Sure, I am still not walking run ways clothed in the latest fashion, but my "wild and crazy" far fetched dream becomes a little more a reality with each click of the camera. While it is true that my nerves set in each time I am in front of a camera, I am having far more fun then I ever imagined possible, and I am full filling my dreams while helping a friend.

I may not have been blessed with natural and flawless beauty, and I am certainly not perfect, but each time I am in front of the camera I feel a little more like possibilities are endless.  I owe that feeling to a super talented photographer and great friend Colleen! Although she may not know it, her simple act of asking for volunteers has showed me that absolutely nothing is impossible, and even those "wild and crazy" dreams are worth having and dreaming.

There will always be people in life who tell you that your dreams are ridiculous or unrealistic, do NOT listen to those people. Instead, surround yourself with people who help you to see that anything is possible, and always always remember to Dream Big, and Shoot for the moon, because even if you fail, you will land among the stars!!!! : ) : )

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