Friday, March 22, 2013

5 reasons cancer SUCKS

ok so let's just be honest, there are a LOT and I mean a LOT of reasons cancer absolutely positively SUCKS!! When I say cancer sucks, well I don't just mean that figuratively, I mean it really and truly SUCKS, and I must add it blows a little too.

However, tonight's post is about the 5 reasons I am reminded cancer sucks every night... Now that being said and before your mind begins to wander into places that it shouldn't, let me stop and explain. Every night as I prepare to shower I am forced to stand in front of a mirror, and although I can not speak for all cancer warriors, I can say for myself, since cancer, mirrors have become my worst enemy...

Yes, it may seem a bit shallow, and possibly even a slight bit self centered, but when you've battled cancer, I think you have earned that right to be a little vein, and self centered... So for tonight (and every night) these are my five reasons why I am personally reminded just how much cancer sucks!!

5 reminders that cancer has always & will always SUCK

1) hair - no matter how much you love or hate your hair before cancer, I promise that you WILL miss it... Chemo will likely  cause you to loose either all, or at least a large amount of your hair... It will eventually grow back, but in my experience it will never be the same color, texture, etc. every again.  Not to mention, your fast growing hair that was once below your waist may never make it past shoulder length ever again

2) skin - acne... need I say more? yuck! my face looks worse than a teenager facing puberty. As a matter of fact, many times my face resembles a nasty greasy disgusting slice of pepperoni pizza (bet pizza will never look the same to you now LOL!) and it is incredibly frustrating (to say the least)... Unfortunately it also seems that no amount of zit cream ever seems to help

3) nails - yup, toe nails, fingers nails, nasty, tough., yellow... so NOT pretty and there is no amount of finger nail polish that can truly cover them, especially considering it's not even JUST the nails it is also all the skin around them

4) Weight - gain weight, loose weight... gain some more... It's all part of cancers sick and twisted game... You gain weight in places you don't want weight to be, and loose weight in places where you want it... You gain and loose so much so fast that you are now faced with stretch marks and cellulite and UGH!!! Let's change the subject

5) scars - as if all the other things about cancer weren't bad enough, chances are if you get cancer you will also require surgery in which case there will indeed be scars... I personally refer to my scars as battle wounds, but let me tell you they are certainly not pretty and serve as a constant and life long reminded that I fought cancer, and because of cancer I had pieces of my body removed, and I had to (have to) fight to feel like a woman on nearly a daily basis.

So to say I HATE cancer or that cancer has forever changed my life, well that would just be a total understatement. Personally I just wish that stupid cancer would get cancer and DIE, but you know in some weird and twisted way, despite all the horrible things about cancer, despite all the millions of reasons to hate cancer, in some small twisted way, I am thankful for cancer... You see, cancer robs and steals and takes.... It tries to suck the life, the love, and the fun right out of you, but because of cancer, I discovered that despite the scars, the chemo, the hair loss, and all the other crappy things... There is beauty and humor in life, and in all things. After cancer pretty much nothing is as bad as it seems. I mean if I can take on cancer, then I can handle just about anything the world has to throw at me, and guess what? I can and I WILL do it with my head held high and a smile on my face... Yea, cancer rocked my world, but I knocked cancer on it's a$$... I am a warrior, a fighter, and a survivor, and although I must carry that scars and memories of cancer with me for as long as I live... I am LIVING and I am doing it in a world full of laughter!!!!!!


  1. "Personally, I wish that stupid cancer would get cancer and DIE". ME TOO!!! I lost my six year old son to cancer. I'm sorry that you have had to go through it. I love your attitude, though, and that you're willing to look on the bright side of it. You're my new hero! xo

    1. I am so sorry for your loss, I too unfortunately know the pain for loosing a child, as I lost my son in August 2011. I know that no matter what I say it will not make your pain less, but I am hear if you ever need to vent, cry, or scream.
      I hate cancer, and I am sorry that you had to go through the horror that is cancer. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my site, and for letting me know that you were here. I hope that you will visit often, and please feel free to e-mail me anytime!