Thursday, March 21, 2013

A clean house is a happy .... OH NO! you didn't

Over the last couple of days, my OCD has gotten the best of me, and I have cleaned and cleaned, and well... cleaned. I have literally scrummed, cleaned, and washed every square inch of this apartment. Sadly, that does not mean much, because any mom knows when you have kids, well it just doesn't matter how long it took you to clean, or how nice the house looks, if your kids are allowed to move (or even breath) they WILL trash it all out in like 5 minutes flat (if it takes 5 minutes).

Often I wonder why I even bother, I mean everyone else that lives here seems perfectly content to live in their own filth, but not me... I mean seriously I am no June Cleaver, and I certainly have my own lazy "No housework allowed" type days, but after a couple of days, my OCD kicks in to over drive and the ever growing mountain of laundry and tower of dishes, begins to drive me insane...

I have even tried tactics like "Mom, just cleaned the kitchen, so no one is allowed to eat for a week" of course this didn't go over well with the hubby or the monsters who almost instantly started with the I'm hungry chant...

Perhaps I should just boycott all housework, hire a maid and go on a mom only vacation to Vegas, but I think the hubby and monsters would miss me too much (and ok... I'd of course miss this too)

So I guess I either resolve to live with the mess, or summon my domestic goddess and clean and clean some more.


  1. LOL! I love this! Check out my latest post at This Momma's Ramblings entitled...I Entered the Dungeon of Doom! I am the same way in the OCD department...but I have to say that I have mellowed a ton, because if they want to live in their filth...then I will save myself the stroke, but every once in a while it kicks in and I go Psycho on the cleaning! LOL! Following you now as well! :)

  2. Yea cleaning can get the best of you. Esp when you have kids. Heck there's no kids here but once you clean and heck once you sweep it's like as soon as the others walk in there's dirt on the floor. or Vacuuming and then that does no good as soon as soon as someone walks over the carpet.