Sunday, March 17, 2013

brain dead brain dump

I have sat here for hours staring at a blank white screen straining to think of something not only witty but totally awesome to write. I have begun writing at least 285,834,034 times tonight and then deleted it because no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get my brain to come up with anymore than a few sentences on each topic. At one point I even grumbled "That it, I give up! No blog tonight" but it was as if almost as soon as I uttered those words, my brain shouted... OVERLOAD!

See, my brain and I have this agreement, and it goes a little something like this. When my brain gets to the overload level, this little panic alarm sounds, which means it is time to dump randomness all over the first sweet unsuspecting soul. My dear readers tonight that just happens to be you (insert evil laugh here)

OK so here goes:

What is with some parents lately? Today I took my kids to two different parks (don't judge the weather was beautiful and I have housework to avoid) and at both parks I saw numerous parents sit in their cars and/or just not be around while their little ones (like 2 and under little) played alone in a park full of strangers, climbing monkey bars to difficult for my 13 year old. Ugh! is it really that damn hard to get off your butt and parent your children? I swear some people take that whole "Village to raise a child" thing a little too literally and it really pisses me off. Perhaps this is a little more of a sore subject to me having lost a child, but honestly nothing gets to me more than a parent who is given a healthy beautiful child and then takes them for granted. I must admit that on numerous occasions I have truly wanted to grab one or two parents and shake them while screaming "What is wrong with you?!?!" Does this bother anyone else, or is it just me? UGH!

Spoof movies why? tonight I subjected not only myself but my poor children to 3 hours of the horribleness that is slap stick comedy. Yup, that kind of mind numbing humor that leaves you not knowing whether you should laugh till you cry or simply roll your eyes and make some sort of statement like "this is so stupid!" all the while your eyes are glued to the TV and no matter how badly you want to, you simply CAN NOT STOP WATCHING! The two movies we watched tonight we realistically two of the absolute worst movies I have ever seen, but yet I somehow managed to sit with a trance like stare and watch both entire movies... Well there goes three hours of my life I will  never get back, but at least I got to absorb three hours of horrible comedy and useless nonsense with my kiddos... Hey, that qualifies as quality time right???

Garage sales... oh how I loath and despite garage sales. Not going to them, I could go garaging selling every weekend, but I hate... hate... HATE having them, but in a week I think I am going to take on the task of having one of my own. The thing is, I still don't understand why it is that the I feel the need to inflict such torture upon myself, but hey it is Spring Break so maybe I can get my slaves kids to help with all the hard work, I am sure there is something I can bribe them with and/or hang over their heads and hey is slave labor hard work, another form of bonding

last random tid bit before I go to bed. Why is it that house work is the one thing most women do almost daily, yet it goes unnoticed... Well, that is... Until you DON'T do it. What do these creatures that live in my house honestly believe that little fairies run around washing their dirty underwear, doing the dishes and cooking their meals? I mean if there are such fairies I would more than welcome the help, but in the mean time some acknowledgement was be sweat!

Well ladies and gentlemen, you've been an awesome audience but now it is time for this physco old lady to try and get some beauty rest, and trust me I could use some!


  1. Hi am a new follower, found you on bloggy moms....and thats horrible about the parents who leave their kids unattended, i hate that too. Seems your a great mom :)

    please visit and follow me, i would love that!

    1. Claudia, Thank you for visiting my site, I appreciate you visiting and letting me know that you were here!