Friday, March 15, 2013


You know generally I am a person, who tries her best to avoid any and all conflict at all costs, it is not because I am a weenie or a push over, I simply prefer to not deal with drama whenever possible.

However, I have recently realized (yes, it seems to have taken 30 years to open my eyes) that there is always going to be conflict and drama in life, that is unless you are willing to conform to what everyone else wants or thinks you should be, and let's face it... We were all born original and one of a kind, so why on earth should be die copies? Seems pointless to give up yourself and/or your values just to avoid conflict.

In today's world everyone wants to see everything as black or white, right or wrong... but not me! I want to be gray. I am me... I am loud, at times obnoxious, I have a twisted (sometimes sick) sense of humor, I am spontaneous, and I am far from perfect....

Over the last couple of years, I have gotten writers block on many occasions, simply because I wanted to conform to the black and white world of today's society.... There has been lots of funny stuff I would've written, but for some reason decided not to (likely because I didn't want to offend those who don't fit in my gray world)

So here is my warning to my readers and my UN readers alike... There may be times that MY blog is uncensored... I may be offensive, crude, blunt, or even ever so slightly vulgar.... I will not always fit into black, but will likely never entirely fit into white.

I am me... Love me or hate me... Follow my blog or not, but I want to be me... I want to be free... I want to be gray!!

I hope to bring humor and inspiration to my readers. I hope that through my crazy whirl wind (soap opera themed) life some one out there some where is able to find some strength..

I am manic, I am shy, I am outrageous, over the top and will likely NEVER win any Mother of the year award. I make mistakes, and will never conform to that "typical mom" stereo type. I have piercings, tattoos, and dye my hair crazy colors (so do my kids)... I am artistic, out going, and LOVE having fun!

So.... You have been WARNED.... and now, get prepared, because I want to make this blog MY PLACE and maybe hopefully one day if I am lucky (and able to full fill my dream) my living... So stay tuned for Kimbra unleashed and unrated.

Ps. I feel like I must also throw in this teeny tiny disclaimer right here, so as to hopefully NOT scare away too many people. I would generally rate myself somewhere around a PG13 I am wild and crazy but not rated R and certainly not XXX LOL!


  1. Hey there, glad we found each other! I love this post, because from time I feel the EXACT same way. I want to say things and put my opinion out there, and I do from time to time say something I worry people will find offensive (especially where anyone can tell me just what they think and hide behind the anonymity of the internet) but most the time I reserve my opinion because I am too chicken to say how I feel. Thanks for this. Where are you from, btw? I like your blog a lot so far, and I'm really sorry for the loss of your son. I am always here if you want to chat, I really mean it.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and writing to let me know you were here, as you can see I am more of a beginning blogger with high hopes LOL! I am so glad that you could relate to my posts. I am always so worried about offending people or making someone mad, but recently my point of view changed entirely. Thank you for your offer to chat, that is so sweet. I am an Okie from Muskogee Oklahoma. I look forward to reading your blog often and gaining an internet friendship : )