Friday, March 22, 2013

Is it really 3am?

Yes, it really and truly is 3:00AM and this momma is EXHAUSTED, so why you may ask am I not snuggled in my squishy bed drifting off into the sweetness of dreamland? Well my friends, that reason would be the 3 year old energizer bunny I gave birth to. This week being Spring Break his sleep schedule and nap schedule are totally jacked, and because of that, he feels whole heartedly that 3AM is the absolute perfect time to watch SpongeBob. Of course mommy doesn't agree with this idea of thinking so whole heartedly but it is really darn hard to tell the toddler that he is not allowed to stay up and watch cartoons, when daddy is 10 foot away playing video games, so alas I sit here awake with all kinds of randomness just floating through my head, and when you have random nuttiness just floating around, well... That sounds like a darn good time to blog.... Of course this blog may not  most likely won't be even half as good as other things I have written but hey it's keeping me awake, without having to torture myself with the mind numbing dumbassery that is SpongBob. Fortunately mommy was wise enough... umm maybe delirious enough to make a deal with the tiny energizer bunny. Two (and only two) episodes of Sponge Bob on Hulu and then straight to sleep... Of course in reality that is probably not the way it will go down, but hey a mom can dream right?? Well this mom obviously can't or I would be doing it, but some mom somewhere can dream... After a week of extremely late nights, I am giving serious consideration to a straight jacket and padded room, No... not for the 3 year old... FOR ME! I honestly had begun to forget what it was like to be deliriously sleep deprived, but I am thinking Spring Break has RUINED that peaceful bliss... Oh the joys miseries that are school breaks! UGH! At least if the teenagers were home, I could pawn toddler care taking off on them in the morning, but unfortunately they are doing Father Spring Break visitation which leaves mommy to deal with the never ending energy that is the energizer bunny from hell, who oddly enough seems fully capable of refueling on mere minutes of sleep... Why is it again that we even have school breaks, or ... ummm... weekends? Oh yea, that's right, to give teachers a break from the never ending balls of energy that are children... This is one week where I am definitely looking forward to Monday!

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