Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mornings + me = NOT good

Son #1 : MOM! I have to pee and the bathroom light is out
Me: So turn it on! I am sleeping, and you are 13 really?!?!
Son #1: MOM! The bathroom light won't turn on, and I REALLY GOTTA PEE!
Son #1: Mom, we got a problem none of the lights are working.
Me: Ugh! You have got to be kidding me, it's too freaking early for this!

Yup, that is how my morning went... See, we recently moved (yes again) and thanks to a wonderful mix up with electric company, there was absolutely no electric in my house. Fortunately that crisis has been diverted, and everything is once again a go (obviously, I mean I am typing this aren't I) but that was absolutely NOT the way I wanted to wake up this morning, and besides it's Tuesday, isn't there some sort of unwritten rule somewhere that all bad things must happen on Monday mornings?

Of course it didn't take long before my adorable temperamental toddler woke up, and started with the repetitive "I'm hungry! I'm hungry! I'm hungry!" and the daughter who looks like night of the living dead also emerged from her slumber... Of course first on the agenda was harass mom, it seems like that has become a morning ritual around here... Don't these kids know (or even care) that mom is a total night owl, and only accomplished a measly two hours of sleep... You know I am pretty sure they don't care, especially not son#1 who eventually mustarded all the courage in his 13 year old body, peed in the dark, and then OF COURSE went back to sleep..
I think I am slowly developing a massive allergy to mornings in my old age... Ugh! I hope this Monday Uhhh... Tuesday gets better from here, or I just might need some duct tape, and  velcro in a few hours.... Oh not for me.... It's for the kids!!!!
Happy Tuesday morning everyone, and THANK YOU! to all the new readers who have stopped by, I am so glad to meet you and look forward to reading each of your blogs, so nice to meet some other mommy bloggers, who also blog about the chaos that is motherhood : )


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  1. I am most definitely not a morning person either! Hubby is a chipper and chatty morning person...lil miss while she can be a bit of a night owl...she is also chipper and chatty in the A.M. Lil man...not really chipper, but chatty nonetheless...and the oldest is so my child...grumpy as ever until a shower, cig, and soda! LOL!