Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New look...New view... New... ummm me?

Ok, so I have spent several hours in front of my computer tonight, and I learned a few a lot of things!!

  •   I am OBVIOUSLY more of a newbie in the blogging world than I realized, and my blog sucks! Waaah! *tears*
  • My writing is not nearly frequent, unique, or genuine enough. It is time to let down my guard and get comfortable being me, because no matter what I do, I am always going to have a hater or two, but I think we all need haters... I mean the more haters we have, the more people we are eventually able to prove wrong. Booyah!
  • I want a pretty blog... I can only change mine up so much and it still doesn't look so pretty boo! *pout*
  • I need advice, help, OMG do I ever need help, I mean come on I thought I was doing pretty well with this whole blogging thing, that is until I realized only 6 people actually follow my blog and of those 6 I am willing to bet only 2 actually read, so either I am really boring (God I hope not) or I really need to find ways to get traffic to my blog.
  • Other people in my house do not care about my blog nearly as much as I myself do. As I was on my mission for redesigning tonight I frequently asked "How does this look" to the various members of my uncaring family and of course I was met with the usual eye roll, and "yup, looks good" while they only have glanced at the new things I was showing them UGH!!!
So anyway, I have now spent hours reading articles about how to improve my blog, but my brain has turned to numb blog mush and I honestly retained about 1% of everything I read. So, either I am getting old (duh! of course I am getting old) or it's simply too late to be trying to cram mass amounts of information into my old lady brain.

I have made some blog related decisions tonight though, so I guess I did manage to accomplish something (ssshh YES! I did accomplish something) and I can feel a little better about the endless mindless hours I just spent surfing the net.

but hey, these people around here, they want me to work, and I want to be a writer (more than anything in this world) so they can either compromise... They can deal with my endless blog conversations and subject themselves to looking at my page, and yes, even reading my possible horrible blog posts, or maybe... just maybe they won't eat or have clean clothes... Hmmm, sure sounds like a heck of a deal to me : )

Well I think it is time for this domestic goddess, and newbie blogger to take a time out, and maybe just maybe head to bed. That is of course if I can get the man (and teenager) of the house pulled away from the PS3 (it is Spring break after all)

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  1. In the whole "blogging world" it always seems like there's so much more you could be learning or doing--I totally agree that it can be really overwhelming at times! Being a writer is my goal too, so I'm happy that my family does support my blog....even if they occasionally mock me for it....