Friday, March 15, 2013

Show and tell anyone?

Well I have been sitting here staring at this blank computer screen for nearly an hour, with one of the most intense cases of writers block I think I have ever had. I even sank low enough to do a google search for interesting personal blog topics and still absolutely nothing came to me, it was as if my brain and fingers had lost all communication entirely, and I was beginning to panic a little (ok so maybe not panic, but frustration had definitely set in big time)

I had come to the conclusion that I just wouldn't write today, when a conversation I had presented me with the perfect topic. Have you ever given serious thought to how well you know the people in your life? I mean there are lots of people in each of our lives, but how well do we truly know any of them? Which brought me to today's topic... Although not as exciting (or humorous) as I had hoped, here it is...

Show and Tell... 25 Things you May (or May not) know about me:

1.) My full name is Kimbra Deanne and in my lifetime I have legally had 3 (yes 3) last names.

2.) My favorite color is purple

3.) I have 4 children (3 boys & 1 girl) and I had my first child when I was only 16

4.) I am a bit of a book worm, but still feel I watch way to much TV

5.) I love being outdoors doing just about anything

6.) I am super clumsy and uncoordinated

7.) I have a tendency to laugh at things others do not find funny

8.) I have an odd and somewhat twisted sense of humor (see #7)

9.) I have always aspired to be a writer and dream of writing a book one day

10.) I was born without that filter that alerts you when you are about to say something stupid, and therefore am overly honest and somewhat blunt.

11.) I am stubborn to a fault

12.) I am also independent to a fault

13.) I am a fighter

14.) I am the parent of differently abled children

15.) I have lost a child

16.) I have battled cancer

17.) I have been homeless (more than once)

18.) I try my hardest to be a good person, but sometimes (more than I like to admit) I fail

19.) I am a Dr.Pepper addict, and likely would not survive a week without it

20.) I am a junk food junkie, but do not really care for sweets.

21.) I am loud, hyper, and more than a bit spunky.

22.) I fight hard for things I believe in.

23.) I have a little tiny shy streak and often get nervous around new people

24.) I have a tendency to talk too much, but it is mostly because my brain never shuts off

25.) I am my own worst enemy, and criticize myself way too much

I could likely sit here all day spewing random facts about myself, but a writer is best with at least a little mystery to themselves, and besides I am sure that reading a blog entirely about random facts about little ol' me is truly not your idea of a good afternoon read, and I am aware there is likely something far more interesting on TV, but I did break my writers block and because of that, I will post this blog with a smile : )

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