Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So my mom once said....

I can remember all those years ago when I myself was the question asking, attention seeking, totally hormonal teenager... It was then my mother would often look at me with the bewildered look she so often had (probably because I was doing another one of those bone head teenage things) and say " daughter dear, one day... Yes, one day I hope that you grow up and have a child twice as bad as you"...

Thing is, I did indeed grow up, and have kids who are at least twice as bad as I was as a kid (I swear its more like 4 times, but hey who's counting right) thing is... I didn't have 1... or 2... or even 3... Nope, I had four of those lovely little monsters. I was even one of those moms, who had a sudden brain fart, and decided that once I had the first three sleeping through the night, potty trained, and off to school. I should start all over, and have a fourth... Thus, leaving me to raise a hormonal teenager, and a temperamental toddler all at the same time (What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking) ... The nightmares joys of parenting a toddler and teenager all at the same time are certainly endless, and I must admit there is absolutely NEVER a dull moment in my neck of the woods.

but, mom... umm I am beginning to think that curse you put on me, was more of a joke on you. See, you not only paid your dues by raising two rowdy, independent, rebellious, strong willed kids of your own... Now my dear sweet mother... Now you get to help me raise mine.

So while, I have my hand in raising a least 4 of the worlds most wanted juvenile delinquents sweetest angels.. You my dear sweet mother, well you get to have you hand in raising six! Yes, your reward for raising 2 stubborn, hard headed teenagers is the ability to help raise at least four more.

and to my dear sweet monsters... For you I do not wish the torture my own mother bestowed on me... No, my little angels I hope that you have kids who are two times sweeter, and at least two times more well behaved then you yourselves are **Wink Wink** and don't you worry your little heads, cause mommy will have no problems with the babysitting.


  1. Lol! I told someone the other day, "I think I'm being paid back for things my husband did, cause I was a wonderful kid!" Obviously I said it when my parents weren't around - didn't want anyone to know any differently! haha! Found you on Bloggymoms & am excited to have added you to my bloglovin' read list. Can't wait to read more! :)


  2. Hi! Found you at bloggymoms. You have been through so much and are my new inspiration! I love what you wrote on your blog dare. My mom used to tell me the same thing but now has so much patience with my son, it's incredible! Following you on bloglovin!


  3. My mom used to say the same thing and my two boys are definitely a handful :) Found you on bloggy moms and following you on GFC now. I look forward to your future posts! You can find me at


  4. My mom always said my kids would be ten times worse than I was as a kid. I used to laugh and tell her I wasn't going to ever have kids. Guess the joke's on me, since I have four!! Our oldest three were all in school when I thought it would be smart to have another! Mine are 11, 10, 8 and 2.

    Found you on bloggymoms

  5. Found you from bloggy moms. Welcome to the blog dare! Great 1st post.

    I don't recall my mother ever saying this wish, and I never said it to my older kids {21, 19 & 14} and I won't say it to my youngest and most strong-willed {5}

    I don't want to instill any self-fulfilling prophesies! LOL

    Now following you :-)

    You can find me at

  6. Stopping by from the Bloggy Mom Dare. Awesome 1st post.

    I remember my mom telling me the same thing all the time. I don't think she knew what she was saying! LOL

    My first son is very laid back but my youngest two who a.k.a. "my mini-me's" are 10 handfuls! I cannot imagine grandkids ten times what my boys are...oh the thought is too much to handle LOL.

    I look forward to reading more posts. Feel free to drop by...