Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring time in Oklahoma... Pass the Xanax

Any true Okie knows what Spring time means in Oklahoma...

Yup, tornadoes & thunder storms and LOTS of them... Honestly for a lot of Okies the tornado sirens are full out indication that it is time to run as quickly as possible to your front porch and play who can spot the funnel cloud first but not for this Okie. Nope! I am super brave when it comes to spiders, snakes, and other crawly, slithery things. I can even handle things that nearly cause cardiac arrest in others, but when it comes to storms... Well, I am a BIG baby and I don't just mean your common run of the mill scaredy cat. No, I mean run and hide full on freak out... Considering I am an Okie born and raised, I honestly have no real reason to be so scared of these storms. I mean after 30 Springs and thousands of tornado sirens you would think I would at least be getting used to them by now.

Yet every single time the skies begin to darken and those storm warnings start to interrupt my television programing, my pulse begins to race and my palms become a sweaty mess. Unfortunately at least one of my children has inherited my fear of storms, and let me tell you it is no easy task to comfort your teenager when you yourself feel the tremendous urge to hide in the nearest bath tub.

Of course there is always that one (or in my case several) brave souls who find it not only humorous but totally ridiculous to be terrified of mother nature... but hey, in case you haven't noticed... She's bigger than me... Yup, a lot bigger, and she's a raving mad homicidal lunatic in major need of large doses of Prozac. Honestly I find it in my best interest not to mess with her. 

I mean come on... Think about it, Mother nature can be one nasty heifer, and she controls the weather. We are talking wind, rain, drought. I personally think it is in every one's best interest if this is one woman who is never pissed off, but hey to all those brave okie souls who find thrill in let's spot the funnel... Well I say more power to you, but as for me.... Well, the next time those sirens blare, I will be hiding in the bath tub with my teddy bear, because for this Okie Spring Time means "Hey, can you pass the Xanax!"

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