Thursday, March 14, 2013

White flag kind of day...

Ever have one of those days where you just want to throw your hands up in the air and scream at the sky? You know the kind of day where you can just barely hold up that white flag you are trying so desperately to wave... That type of day where you question, "What else can go wrong?" and life replies back with "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" One of those type days where if you even manage to grunt and groan like a caveman, then you feel like it is a real accomplishment.. Ugh! Sigh!

Well today... TODAY... Is NOT one of those days. I don't care how many times you've lost your keys, tripped over those pesky shoe strings, forgotten something important, gotten bad news or even worse...

Right now... YES! NOW! Bend over, grab those boot straps and pull them up, because let me tell you something... Absolutely nothing, or no one can ruin your day without YOUR permission! Smile sunshine, because you are ALIVE (at least I should hope so, considering you are reading this - However if you are one of those creepy undead zombie folks, please feel free to skip this entry)

OK, I will give you a little time for whining, but only just a little.. Yup, it stinks when you loose your keys and have to spend an extra 30 minutes looking for them thus throwing off your entire day, and making you super late for that ubber important meeting/appointment.
 Yes, it super sucks when you drive all the way to the store with a cranky misbehaving toddler (or teenager) and end up forgetting that super duper important thing that you made the whole painful trip for anyway. And, alright it does suck when that one phone call you've been waiting for finally comes, and it is nothing but bad news... UGH!!! Couldn't you just SCREAM!

Thing is.... It's all about prospective... Yup, that big long word can change a lot of things, including turning your white flag day, into a dance in the rain type of day...

While you are whining about the lost keys, and that important meeting you are going to be so late for, think about this, maybe just maybe those keys were misplaced so you would indeed be running late, and miss that three car pile up on your way to your meeting... Or better yet, give a brief thought to the ones who are left walking in the cold and the heat, because they are not fortunate enough to have vehicles and therefore do not have the blessing of looking for the lost keys..

While you are crying about making that trip to the store with the cranky toddler (and/or teenager) think of all those people with no cranky toddlers or moody teenagers.... OK, so maybe not the best comparison (but I bet it made you smile) No, in all seriousness, think of those who will unfortunately go hungry tonight, and are not able to make that trip to the store in order to purchase that things that they are in need of.

While you are grumbling and complaining about the bad news you just received, remember that a door is never closed without an open window, so STOP COMPLAINING already and get to looking for that dang window!!!!

You see, your mood, your day... Well sunshine it is dependent on you and you alone... You have to look at things with a different prospective, see that silver lining in those dark rain clouds, no... It ain't always easy, but if you want to get to the rainbow, sometimes you have to face a little rain...

So you still holding that white flag, or do you want to come dance in the rain with me??


  1. Lets Dance girl.. maynot be the best at it but we can look foolish doing it. I'm so glad u can find humor in such a so called crappy day. And thanks to do I found humor in my day that just a few hours ago I was pissed over. Thank you. We may not are or talk to each other very often,but I'm glad I have a friend like u that can bring joy to life even when u think no joy is there.

  2. "Every happening, great & small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message." --Malcom Muggeridge
    "Always be in a state of expectancy & see that you leave room for God to come in as He likes." --Oswald Chambers
    Your blog entry reminded me of these quotes I read last night. :)