Monday, April 22, 2013

Manic Monday Mumbles

Monday - a day where inevitably anything that can go wrong will, and it will all go wrong while you are still busy trying to wake up and recoup from the weekend of laziness and sleeping in. It will happen while your guard is down and you are totally unprepared for chaos to hit the fan. At least that seems to be the rule for my life.

Keeping in line with any other chaotically crazy Monday, today has been a hot mess, of chaos, sleep deprived delirium, and stress, which has left my brain a fried melted mess unable to complete a single phrase or even thought.

Due to lack of brain function I have decided rather than pressure my poor brain (which has only recently returned from it's hiatus) I would just write about all the crazy things, my sleep deprived, Monday hating mouth has mumbled today...

" Would you get up, no one is going to get up for you"

"Get your legs out of the air, I can't put your shirt on your butt"

"You are going to school, no matter how many pieces of cereal are stuck up your nose"

"Stop chewing on your toes"

"Brush your hair, and maybe you will find your ponytail"

"Go ahead and hit my truck, I could always use a new one"

"I am so tired, I don't think I could take a nap if I had to"

"Would you please get me a thingymajig from the store"

"You forgot the thingymajig"

"I am starving, but I don't think I can eat, cause this chicken smells like chicken" (yes a little redundant)

"Hey, I think my front end needs greased, also I may be little light in the rear end" (This was in reference, to my anti lock breaks locking up, and a clicking sound coming from the front end OF MY TRUCK, not nearly as bad as it sounds honest)

"What's that smell, eww is that you?" (yes, this spewed from my mouth totally unexpectedly at a
random unknown person in the store - by the way I do apologize dear unknown person, that comment was truly not intended for you, even though it appeared that way)

 All of that was accomplished before 2PM I can only fear what the rest of this lovely manic Monday may hold in store for me... Hopeful that I survive and there is no random beatings by sweet unknown people who are totally unexpectant of the sheer stupidity that is my Monday brain : /


  1. After the day I've had along with my mom being sick and waking up ill b/c of something that occurred last night. I just saying coming to your blog today made me smile. :D Girl you're hilarious.

  2. Oh goodness, i hope the rest of the day wasnt bad for you!! I will say though, I now of the Manic Monday song in my head! Thank you :) I dont do well with unexpected chaotic days. I'm a planner and so I like all my days to be planned and figured out before hand. If one thing goes wrong or is off, forget it. Needless to say, my fiance doesnt get too close on those days!

    1. My Monday sadly only got more chaotic, but that is Monday for me. I like to be organized and planned but that doesn't always work out for me, especially with kids.