Sunday, April 7, 2013

Never have I ever...

Tonight's post was going to be something like "5 or so things I have never done and probably will never do" but then I was bouncing around the sites of my blogger buddies, and saw this awesome little blog hop and thought that since the theme of this hop so closely matched my current anticipated blog post, and over all seemed like a much more fun way to meet even more awesome blogger buddies, I thought to myself... Why the heck not... Let's do it.

Never Have I Ever

So here we go, here is my "Never have I ever..." List

1) Sky dived -  Does that mean I wouldn't... ummm that is still up for debate. I would honestly love to have the guts to actually do it, but since I am pretty much chicken when it comes to heights I don't know that it will ever happen

2) Given in to stereo typical mommyhood -  I take pride in knowing that I am the "cool mom" rather than the stereo typical June Cleaver mommy that society expects us moms to be.

3) Regretted my tattoos and/or piercings - I am the proud owner of 6 tattoos and 9 piercings, and yes society (at least in part) says that makes me irresponsible, immature, and blah, blah, blah. None the less I have never regretted them. They are a form of art, self expression, and individuality.

4) Been snotty or stuck up - I am honest (to a fault), but never have I had even the slightest impression that I am better than any one for any reason. I am a super friendly person, and although filter less and at times perhaps a bit too opinionated but never snotty or stuck up

5) Been shy - I am a super friendly loud mouth who has never known a stranger, even been accused of being overly friendly at times.

OK well there it is, five things I have never ever done. Unfortunately they were not nearly as funny as I had hoped (maybe I am just in a serious mood tonight) but I hope that you all enjoyed them even still..

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