Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random randomness about absolutely nothing

Sometimes when I am procrastinating my mind wonders into really weird and random places, it is like self entertainment trying to figure out the random wonders of the world we live in today. Since I am currently trying to hide from the big list of "need to do" that is looming over my head, I thought perhaps I would share some of those random wonders with you.

why is it that in every corny horror/thriller movie, there is always some dumb woman who runs up the stairs instead of out the front door, and why do us women complain about this?  In real life we would likely do the same ignorant thing.

why is it that in those same cheap crappy horror/thriller movies when ever you open a door to go into it (you know to hide from the crazy killer) it is totally quiet, but when you open the door to come out, well it always squeaks and makes all sorts of noise?

Why do we call people immature, when the very word states I'm mature (think about it)

Why is it that when you go to bed at night the person who snores loudest always falls asleep first thus not allowing the quiet snorer (or non snorer) the pleasure of sleeping.

 why do so many people trash parents with tattoos and piercings, since when has a little ink and/or metal kept a person from changing a diaper, or providing care for a child of any age? Unless of course you pierced your hands together and I believe that would effect your ability to care for more than just a child.

why do today's cartoons always make it seem as though the creator of said cartoon was on a bad acid trip? What ever happened to the days of Wile E. Coyote being blown to smithereens by the Road Runner? Sure those cartoons taught kids to be some what self destructive, but at least we weren't exposed to that dumbassery of singing sponges.

What exactly is the reason we refer to the days Monday-Friday as the week and Saturday & Sunday as the weekend? Is it perhaps because Monday-Friday make people weak, and Saturday/Sunday are days of rest therefore making you stronger?

Is there some kind of unspoken law which states that it is mandatory for a child to either find the biggest dirtiest mud puddle to jump in or make the biggest mess possible the very second they hear you utter the words "Please do not make a mess", or "please don't get dirty"? 
 ** Note the same question applies to most men, who seem to be nothing more than big overgrown children themselves.

If they can invent car washes that wash your car for you, self cleaning ovens, self cleaning coffee pots, and all sorts of other self cleaning things, why has no one invented the self cleaning house, or how about a machine that folds that laundry you just washed?

Perhaps the wonders of my mind, will one day assist me in inventing one of those wonderful self cleaning houses, creating a non acid trippy cartoon, or figuring out all the other random wonders of the world, but for today I am stuck with a mountain of laundry, dirty kids, and singing sponges.  Let the fun begin (and yes that statement WAS dripping with sarcasm) 


  1. If I had to state all the things that I wondered about or like today that urks me I'd be there all day. I need more people like you around b/c you seem to just let things roll of your back. and I wish I was more like that and had thick skin esp towards haters.

    1. You are indeed correct, I let a LOT roll off my back. I like to think of myself sort of like a duck and I let all the negativity roll off my back like water rolls off a ducks back. I choose to find the humor in all the many things I could complain about. Life is not always easy, and we are always going to have haters and negative people, but it is up to us how we let it effect us.

  2. Congratulations! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

    The Wondering Brain

    1. Holy Smokes! I am so excited to be receiving my 5tH Liebster award. Thank you so much you really helped make my day today!!!

  3. I have always wondered that about horror flicks. Usually pisses me off before the films over and then the old man gets mad because I don't shut up asking the same questions. Stopping by from the UBP2013!