Saturday, April 6, 2013

WOW!!! Thank you!

Due to my extreme busyness laziness the last couple of days, I have been away from my computer, imagine my total shock when I came back and realized that my readers had increased by almost double (IN JUST TWO DAYS)... You like me ... You really like me : )

I was so excited and shocked that I had to literally scream, of course these caused several crazy puzzled looks from those around me, who lets get real probably could care less about my blog.

However, I wanted to take a brief minute and just say thank you. When I started writing this blog I honestly did not feel like anyone would ever read. I felt like mostly I was writing for myself, simply because writing is what I do, it is what helps calm the insanity in my mind, but now I do have readers and have been lucky enough to also make blogging friends.  I feel like my blog is slowly moving in the direction I had secretly hoped in would this entire time, and that gives me the warm fuzzies.

So to all of you who follow my blog, have shared my blog and who like my blog, I really just want to say a great big ..... THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Now you may feel free to return to your regularly scheduled activities and have a great rest of the weekend : )

Ps. I try to do my best to follow back, read blogs, and be a good blogger friend, but I hope you will accept my deepest apologies, if you feel I haven't been a good blogger buddy, I am still trying to get the hang of this, and get it all worked into the chaos I refer to as life : )


  1. that happened to me from feb to march and then it just slimmed down b/c of the bluntness and truthness I speak. Not many bloggers like it but guess what. I'm not changing for no one and I know you wont. :D Your blog is good.

    1. I don't really look at myself as blunt, I just try to be honest and be myself. I love to write and I write for me from me, and about my life. Thank you for always visiting and for the encouragement!