Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yippee! You like me... you REALLY like me

Hecks yea! Today I was informed that I was nominated for another Liebster award, in case you lost count somewhere along the way... That is numero cinco!  Yup, 5 Liebster awards in less than a month, you guys are going to cause all this fame to go to my head. I feel very honored to have been nominated 5 times, mainly because that means... You like me! You really like me! : ) Yup, I think it may be officially official I think I was invited to the cool kids table when I wasn't looking... Go me, it's my birthday... Not really, but party anyway... Whoop! Whoop!

Umm Mmhmm, yea ok... Composer regained. So, like I was saying today I was informed by Jessica, over at the neato blog The Wondering Brain that she had nominated me for my fifth Liebster award. Thank you Jessica it really made me smile today to know that there is someone out there some where who despite my crazy randomness and filter less loud mouth likes me *insert cheezy grin and waving arms here*

OK, so on with the show... For those of you who may or may not know that Liebster award is a special award for those newbie bloggers (like myself obviously) who are liked by others, there is of course certain criteria for being nominated for this award (which I obviously meet) some of those criteria is blabbing 11 random facts about yourself, well I am not sure what randomness I have that you guys haven't already heard about, but I am going to give it my best shot.

So here we go - 11 random facts that you may (or may not) already know:

1) I am beyond random - it is what makes me ... well me. Many times I will be having one conversation and suddenly interject something completely random right into the middle of a serious sentence

2) I am a giant kid, despite my age of ... ummm, well let's just say Old enough, I am a giant kid. I love to play at the park, listen to loud music, dance around my house like an insane maniac with no rhythm and blow bubbles

3) I recently got a new truck - yes, I am a little girl and yes, I have a big truck. Sure people look at me a little funny when this chic jumps out of a big truck but I love it, and it makes me feel like a redneck princess

4) I am a Teen Mom (16 and pregnant) addict - I am not entirely sure what draws me to this unrealistic vision of teen parenting (maybe that I was a teen mom) but I must admit I am addicted and it is literally the only television show I try to never miss an episode of *Note* I am not a big tv watcher.

5) I believe I have a tad of ADD -  unfortunately my randomness and ADD seem to go hand in hand. I am perfect at starting a project I will never finish usually because something distracts me, and I quickly forget the project I started in the first place.

6) Despite being a stay at home mom most of my adult life I am no domestic goddess. (see #5) I love to cook, but hate the mess. Can spend hours surfing pinterest, but never finish a single craft, and often forget laundry in the washer because well honestly.... I got distracted.

7) I am super indecisive - I despise making decisions, and I am sure that some of you reading this (you know the ones who know me outside the blogger world) are thinking... OMG, YES! Honestly though, I am a people pleasure (it's sort of a curse) and because of this I rarely make a decision that is based entirely on what I want. I try to make decisions for myself, but usually I end up uttering the words "Whatever you want is fine with me."

8) I have recently noticed I have become sort of a "picky eater" (you remember Mikey - the Life cereal kid?) Yea well, that's me... I hate everything. I haven't always been this picky but it would seem as though my taste buds have changed and quite frankly there is more I don't like than I do like.

9) I am my own worst critic - I love a lot of things, but unfortunately do not pursue trying them, or doing them. The biggest reason for this is mainly because more often than not I am far too hard on myself, I expect perfection from myself at all times even when total perfection is not possible. Sadly, try as I may I can not change this, it is like something that is hardwired into my DNA

10) I am perfectly imperfect in a spastastic sort of way. Although I expect perfection, and am very hard on myself I am also smart enough to realize that sometimes there is perfection and imperfection. Sure, I will constantly strive for perfection (see #9) but others in my life (like all these great chics who nominated me for Liebster awards)  are helping me to see that despite my biggest flaws, I still rock!!!

11) I have 6 tattoos and 9 piercings and despite what society says about tattooed/pierced parents I do not regret a single one, and YUP! I want more! I was once asked if my goal in life was to scare people away, and well... If people are so swallow as to be scared away by my tattoos and piercings without taking the time to get to know ME, then they are probably people I don't need around anyway.

Whew! I did it! I stated 11 random facts that I don't think I have put here on my blog before (at least I hope I didn't repeat myself) now it is time for my victory dance Whoop! Whoop! Shake your booty.. Shake your booty... Ok, so composer once again regained.

Now the second part of this award is to nominate 11 other websites that meet a certain criteria, but honestly after receiving this award 4 previous times, it is getting harder and harder to find sites which meet this criteria (and I have not already nominated) and quiet frankly I am just too darn lazy (especially today) so if you will excuse me while I bend the rules, I think I am going to skip this part.

The third and final part of this award is that you the nominee must answer 11 questions which your nominator (in my case Jessisa @ The Wondering Brain ) asks you to answer, so here is my best effort at answering the questions... I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... Or well something like it anyway

What does your blog name mean? honestly I do not really know. It is truly rather un original and now I could truthfully think of a much better name, but at the time this blog was created my brain was a little fried and all the creativity had been sucked dry... So I came up with Mommy's Rambles, because I am Mommy and I ramble lots of random nonsense here.

What is your favorite day of the week? I am not entirely sure I have a favorite day of the week, especially since lately they all seem to run together anyway, but I can tell you what my least favorite day is... It's any day I have to wake up before 11:00am so I guess that narrows it down to my favorite day being either Saturday or Sunday which are both sleep in days.

Where do you get the inspiration for your blog? That's an easy one, from my life... My life is unbelievable in a soap opera sort of way, and crazy stuff is ALWAYS happening to me. I write about marriage, divorce, my kids, me, and truthfully whatever randomness strikes me at the moment.

What is your biggest accomplishment? That one is a little more complicated, because having been through my life I feel I have several awesome accomplishments, and it ain't easy picking just one that is my biggest. However I would say that the accomplishment I am most proud of right now, would be (brace yourselves cause this one is kind of heavy) that I continued to live even when I felt like dying. After I lost my son, my entire world was turned upside down, and then when I was diagnosed with cancer less than a year later I spiraled hard, but here I am still standing on my own two feet and making it through life one step at a time, and one laugh at a time.

What song represents you? That one could get a little tricky because there are so many songs I hear, and think "That's me!" but if I had to choose just one, well then I think I would pick Reba McEntire Survivor

What's your favorite dish? Did you read my 11 random facts? I hate everything, honestly it is getting pretty stinken hard to tell you what I do like these days... But I like popcorn, yea popcorn... Yummy!

What were you in High school - jock, geek, reject? umm none of the above. In my high school we were divided into somewhat different clicks - The Yuppies (Jocks/preps), Goody goods (those who excelled at everything and were teachers pet), Goths (umm that is pretty self explanatory but in case it wasn't think black everything), Rednecks (those good ol' country boys/girls), and stoners (those who may or may not partake in illegal activities, and are generally the party crowd) Honestly because of my weirdness uniqueness I sort of fit into all these groups and had friends from every one of these clicks.

Bath or shower? considering that we are currently crammed into a tiny apartment in which the only tiny bathroom is equipped with only a stand up shower, I guess I would have to say that I am a shower girl, don't get my wrong, I do enjoy a good long soak in the bathtub, but I can't remember the last time I was blessed with a relaxing bath.

How do you relax? well honestly that depends on the mood I am in. What I do to relax varies greatly from day to day. It could be anything as mundane as cleaning to something outrageous as ummm... well, I guess honestly all the outrageousness in my life has slowly disappeared.

Wine or beer? Neither, if I am going to drink, I prefer Vodka or something similar but I honestly do not drink very often, or nearly as much as I did when I was younger. I mean I have reached that age where a night of drinking requires a week to recover and well... I just don't have time for that.

If you had to opportunity to succeed, what would it be? Well that is a given. The first and foremost thing I would LOVE to succeed at is being a writer, it is the one passion I can truly say I have had my entire life. However, if I could succeed at several things all at once, well then I would say writer, hair dresser, perhaps party planner... There are honestly a LOT of things that I would love to one day succeed at so this list could go on forever.

Well, I made it through, and I think that perhaps this may be my most entertaining acceptance post yet * Insert double fist pumps* I hope that you that actually took the time to read this enjoyed getting to know me just a bit better than you did a few minutes ago, I know I certainly enjoyed racking my brain to write it... I would like to once again thank Jessinca @ The Wondering Brain  for the opportunity to blab about myself once again. Ya'll should really go on over and visit her, and tell her that crazy woman from Mommy's Rambles sent you...


  1. I'll have to do that if she's not already a blogger follower of me. LOL and congrats on the award. I've had it 6 or 7 times and I'm glad I havent gotten it in a while. I forget what to say after a while.

    1. Personally I am thrilled each and every time I receive this award, and accept that challenge of finding new and great things about myself, plus it is an amazing opportunity to make new and amazing friends.

  2. 5 awards you must be totally hostie totsie. I'm new to your blog, and I do enjoy your posts. Congratulations you deserve it! I cannot understand how you can watch that teenage mom crap :p No offense :D
    Jae Mac, I'm Just Sayin'...(Damn!)

    1. Thank you, so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate you visiting. I am happy to you enjoy my blog, I honestly never expected any one but me to find any interest in it. I honestly don't know how I watch it either, but it has a weird draw to it, and I became addicted. LOL!

  3. I DO remember Mikey...he LIKES it!! :)

    Visiting/following today from Deezy's hop. Congrats on your award.

  4. Hey there!!

    AWESOME Answers :) Enjoy that award! You deserved it! I LOVE your blog!!

    The Wondering Brain

    1. Thank you so much again! I really appreciate the nomination, these awards are always so much fun!