Friday, May 31, 2013

101 (well almost) in 1001

Ok, so everyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely suck at time management, and when I say suck, I mean if there was an award for sucking at something I would win the gold.

So anyway, lately I have seen several people making these niffty little list called "101 in 1,001" and I thought well ain't this just the niffiest thing since peanut butter and jelly. I mean here I am a queen procrastinator who sucks at time management and here is a list that is giving me just short of 3 years to get 101 things done... Wow, that's not even one thing a day or even every other day.

Of course being the procrastinator that I am I had to think about writing the list for something like a month (ok so maybe it was a little longer) before I actually decided to write it.. So, the list is supposed to consist of 101 things you want to do, these things can be teeny tiny things like "organize the junk drawer" or slightly bigger things like "visit a far off country" but the goal is to accomplish everything on your list within 1,001 days.. Doesn't sound too hard, so I thought I would give it a shot. 

1.) Blog more (increase my attendance in bloggyland)
2.) Start couponing (become a coupon obsessed hoarder)
3.) Move (preferably some place with walls)
4.) Enroll in either cosmetology or culinary school
5.) ^^^ or both ^^^  (Hey this does SO count for two things)
6.) Start a health/exercise routine
7.) Go on a family vacation
8.) visit a spa (for the first time I might add)
9.) buy a new car
10.) learn another language
11.) get on a budget (stick to it this time)
12.) read more
13.) try new recipes
14.) go on more family outings
15.) have a "date" with each one of my children
16.) go to the movies
17.) watch a sunset
18.) watch a sunrise
19.) Spend the night (or a couple) in a cushy over priced hotel
20.) go hiking
21.) blog about my progress with this niffty list
22.) become more interesting because this list is H-A-R-D to write
23.) try my hand at crafting (ummm this could lead to a potentially humorous blog post)
24.) perform RAOK or even better... perform a few
25.) spend time with people who are important to me (and a lot of it)
26.) go skydiving
27.) go on a cruise
28.) Take more pictures
29.) Make a new friend
30.) get organized
31.) get better with time management (try a schedule)
32.) finish this list at some point (hey it's harder than I thought)
33.) go fishing
34.) go camping
35.) start scrape booking again (the one and only crafty thing I have ever semi enjoyed)
36.) work on my domestic goddess title 
37.)  stop feeling guilty about needing "me time"
38.) finally start living my dream and at least start writing a book
39.) try a new hair cut/style something totally out of my comfort zone
40.) get another piercing (or maybe a couple)
41.) get another tattoo (or a couple)
42.)  go on a mother daughter trip with my daughter
43.) stop procrastinating (yea right... You guys be on the look out for flying pigs if this ever happens)
44.) learn how to use photoshop all on my own
45.) get my own spiffy domain name for my blog
46.) buy a gym membership and use it
47.)  write more poetry
48.) wear a dress (pigs will fly for sure if this happens)
49.) go to a fancy restaurant
50.) loose 20 pounds
51.) do some neat things with my blog (I'm thinking - Mommy Mondays, Time warp Tuesdays, and once a month Dollar store delights for sure, and maybe even Fictional Fridays)
52.) be more adventurous 
53.) take on a new hobby (or at least rekindle an old one)
54.) rid my house of junk drawers and junk statshes
55.) visit an amusement park
56) have one meal which consist of nothing but candy/junk
57) blog my progress (just noticed I wrote this twice - oh well maybe others won't notice lol)
58.) have a progressive dinner (one resteraunt for appetizers, one for dinner and a final one for dessert)
59.) play mini golf
60.) go bowling
61) visit the zoo 
62.) try a new food I have never eaten before (something interesting like oysters)
63.) take a road trip (the type where you just jump in the car and drive with no real destination) 
64.) volunteer 
65.) plant a garden 
66.) go hunting (for the first time in my life)
67.) get my credit lined out and hopefully raise my credit score
68.) get all my pictures organized 
69.) have family pictures taken
70.) try making homemade bread and pastries 
71.) find 29 more items to complete this darn list
72.) work on my bucket list 
73.) take long walks 
74.) try to learn the appeal of video games and maybe even play a few
75.) buy a bicycle & ride it
76.) visit a museum 
77.) take my cake decorating fasination to the next level 
78.) buy new furniture
79.) shop for antiques
80.) reconnect with old friends
81.) purchase a more professional camera
82.) teach someone else how to do something (coupon, etc)
83.) wear red lipstick
84.) embrace my inner child
85.) decorate my home (where ever that may be)
86.) become a support system (advocate, mentor) to someone else
87.) take a mother daughter trip with my mother
88.) visit some place tropical
89.) only eleven more... I can do this, I think I can... I think I can
90.) chase a rainbow
91.) people watch
92.) smile at random people and watch their reactions
93.) purchase a new outfit which is totally not my style
94.) climb a mountain
95.)  adopt a puppy

Ok... Ok.. So there's not 101 there, but it has taken me three weeks to get this far, and I am stuck, this list was a heck of a lot harder to write than I ever expected. So, who's with me? Anyway else want to see just what they can actually accomplish in 1001 days? Who knows maybe I'll add more along the way. 


  1. Following you from the TGIF Blog Hop! Nice to meet you! Please consider following me back if you like what you see :)

    Love your list, good luck!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, I am also following you

  2. I definitely want to make my numbers grow more. It's like for a while they grow and then they just totally stop and then none at all. I dont get it. Of course I blog for me and to get things off my chest but ever so often getting feed back is nice. Great list you got there hun.

    I'm skeptical of cruise's tho due to that natalie hollaway deal and those cruises that went bad not too long ago.

    red lip stick would be a brave one for me esp with me having light skin and light hair.

    I have a bike just waiting to get new tires. could ride my bro's bike tho but it's been so hot and steamy lately.

    I definitely want to visit a zoo and an aquarium too. :D and take pics and more pics. i love taking pics.

    1. Honestly I am not worried about numbers anymore, I would continue to blog even if my numbers never went up. I blog because it makes me happy, and I love to write,that's it plain and simple, sure I love reaching others and making new friends but when I start making it about the numbers I get in the dumps.

      You should make your own little list and share it with me, I think it would be really great to see some of the things other people put on their lists

  3. Okay, #44--if you get it, let me know! Could you maybe add "Teach a tutorial on photoshop" as number 96? :)

    1. If I figure out photoshop I will be more than happy to teach you : )

  4. Hey that's a great idea! And even if you don't accomplish all 101, guess what? You'll accomplish more than you would have if you didn't take time to make this list and plan it.

    P.S. You should definitely get on that red lipstick thing. ASAP. It was weird the first time I did it, but it's super liberating and totally fun!!

    1. I had hoped it would be liberating and fun, and now I will definitely have to try the red lip stick really soon, who knows I may even post pictures : )