Thursday, June 13, 2013

Please send help! I need an intervention!

I have been a horrible blogger lately (slaps own hand- bad!) but hey I really do have a good excuse , well three actually. You see, it's Summer vacation and therefore I have been bombarded with excessive, "I'm bored" "can we" "I want" and all sorts of excuses to get my out of the house and of course away from the iPad. Truthfully I really haven't put up too much of a fight, the weather has been beautiful and after being crammed in a tiny apartment for months I am all for some outside fun in the sun.

There have been other things keeping me occupied as well... As most of you already know, we've had a couple of HARD years, which has landed us currently living in a shoe box  studio apartment. Well a couple of days ago, we officially started our search for our forever (well at least 5 years which is sort of like forever) home. Of course not only am I super excited about the prospect of moving (and you know having a home) but I found that the idea of having a home where I am free to do what I please has led to.... Well ahh... A Pinterest obsession Gasp! Yes I admit it, I have spent at least 12 mind numbing hours scrolling through Pinterest in the last two days. Hours that I could have used for something productive (you know like bathing, eating, BLOGGING) I am ashamed to admit it, but I think I kind of like the site (yes Pinterest) and was admittedly sucked in by all the easy looking DIY projects and hmm umm *cough* crafts *cough* OK I said it. Of course the likely hood that I will actually attempt any of said DIY projects is pretty much zilch but I just can't seem to stay away for that darn site it's like a sickness, a cute frilly nauseating sickness.

So considering my recent diagnoses with Pinterestitus which causes symptoms like zombie brain and blog blockitus. I thought maybe a few of my wonderful bloggyland buddies could possibly provide the only known cure - blogspiration (you know it's like inspiration but of the blog variety) ... You see I recently wrote a post  Post nĂºmero 90  with several facts about myself, and couldn't help but notice that apparently at least a few people found it at least a teeny bit interesting and even wanted to know more (you know cause you asked questions) so I thought maybe just maybe you guys could ask more of those wonderful questions (I am a weirdo who really likes questions) and provide me with the pinterest intervention that I am DESPERATELY in need of.

Please help! My life (well at least my next post) is in your hands... Help me before I loose my brain entirely to the sadly addictive, brain cell killing cuteness that is Pinterestitus! I promise I am not contagious (at least not yet) ....

Ps. In all seriousness... Please send help!



    Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

    Why do you blog?

    What's one thing that gets you going every day?

    If you could go any where with your kids like vacay wise, where would it be?

    What's your motto or quote that you live by?

    Where's your relationship with God?

    How far do you live from your family?

    I'm glad i'm not the only one who can stay on pinterest for 2 yrs or so.

    1. Thank you so much for your participation, be looking for my answers in an upcoming post

  2. Personally, I think you should write a post about Pinterestitus. From what I hear, it's a rapidly spreading condition, stretching even into the way websites are redesigning their look. Seriously, have you noticed?

    Anyway - what do I want to know about you? hmm...1) how did your battle with cancer change the way you view the world?
    2) If you had 12 hours to yourself, what would you do.

    I'm still rooting for the Pinterestitus post.

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I just wrote that post and dedicated it to you

    2. Also wanted to say thank you for participating and asking questions, be looking for your answers in a upcoming post!!

  3. I realize that I'm a bit late to the game, but I just want to chime in. You strike me as someone who finds sublime beauty in unexpected places. Tonight, I sliced an apple for my son and watched him eat it in his bed before he went to sleep. It was a simple and beautiful moment, with so much leading to it, and so much that will lead from it -- it made me start writing. (It might show up on my blog soon. Who knows.)

    Anyway, I would love to see you elevate simple activities to the sublime, because you seem the sort who appreciates the amazing in everything. What else could have gotten you this far?

    (If I'm utterly off base, I'll just wander off quietly...)

    1. Thank you very much, I suppose you are totally correct, I often choose to see the beauty in things are the silver lining so to speak and can see the magnificent in the simple, simply because of my suffering... I will certainly give this a shot although I am sure my post will certainly not be as great as yours : ) thank you again for the suggestion and also for visiting

  4. I am so late in the game:

    Why is your "forever" home only for 5 years.. I feel like a missed something.

    1. Well it technically won't be a forever home, technically it will still be a rental,house, however our landlord is an amazing woman who when we told her we were looking for a long term home agreed to allow us to,sign a 5 year lease and therefore treat the house S our own, the main reason is because sadly we are not in a place where we can buy a home now, but don't want to,move from tiny rental to tiny rental for the next few years while saving. We figure that in 5 years we should have enough saved to purchase a house