Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Post número 90

Well since I have been writing this blog for nearly two years, I honestly anticipated this post would have come long ago, but as we all know I can be a bit of a slacker, and there fore I am FINALLY making my 90th post!!! Yup, this little blog of mine has come a long way in the past couple of months and my post count is finally nearing the triple digits!!! So as a form of celebration (and because I have nothing better to write) I have decided to celebrate by posting 90 totally random facts about none other than me... So, while this post will be more than just slightly narcissistic, I hope you enjoy... Of course I am too lazy to look back and see what random facts I have already posted about myself when winning 7 Liebster awards (yes I am that awesome) so some of these may potentially be (ummm probably will be) repeats but bare with me, and enjoy the craziness that is.... ME!!

I am going to start of simple (umm boring) for those that are faint of heart, and hopefully by the end of this list you won't be thinking "man that is one crazy chic" or maybe you will... But either way, you will for sure know me a little better, so what ever your thoughts my be, I think my goal for my 90th post celebration will be accomplished, unless of course you skip reading the list, so don't skip the list : ) 

1) my name is Kimbra - go ahead say it "DUH!"

2) I have always disliked my name, because no one seems to say it correctly. I am often called Kendra, Kimberly, Kimber, etc.

3) I have 4 children

4) I had my first child at 16 (two months before my 17th birthday)

5) I had three children by the time I was 19 

6) my "youngest" (well until the surprise baby) son was born with Hydranencephaly  

7) my son Dillion (Boogie) - who was born with Hydranencephaly passed away Aug 9, 2011 at the age of 9years old

8) I have been married twice

9) I was married the first time at 17 and was married for 10 years.

10) my ex husband and I are still great friends (although we do not always see eye to eye)

11) most of my friends (outside of bloggyland) are guys

12) my favorite color (well colors) are black and purple but for some reason (totally unknown to me) pink is starting to grow on me

13) I had a "surprise" baby one week before my 27 birthday, at the time my youngest was 8 years old

14) I am extremely out going almost to a fault, I find I rarely know a stranger 

15) I am truly my own worst critic, I can find 200,001 things to criticize myself about on a daily basis 

16) I am a HUGE tomboy, I would much rather be in jeans then a dress any day

17) I have only worn a dress twice in the last 17 years, both times I was getting married 

18) I am a bit (ok more than a bit) wacky

19) when I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer or an author when I grew up 

20) now I am all grown up and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up

21) I have dyed my hair every color under the rainbow (pink, green, orange to name a few)

22) I have 9 piercings 

23) 5 of said piercings are not in my ears

24) I have six tattoos

25) I want more tattoos and piercings 

26) I have never seen myself as anything other than plain/average (never thought I was pretty)

27) I have been homeless (as in lost everything/no home) three times in my life

28) I am pretty good at starting over (obviously)

29) I currently live in a VERY small (as in the size of most walk in closets) studio apartment

30) I hope to be moving before Summer is over

31)  I am totally and completely beyond random 

32) I think I may have developed ADD in my old age

33) I didn't have my drivers license until I was 18 years old 

34) I am still unable to parallel park (hence the reason I didn't get my license till 18)

35) I have been a stay at home mom (or my preferred title "Domestic Goddess") nearly my entire adult life

36) I am an over sized child - I am a huge kid at heart and believe I always will be

37) I <3 Hello Kitty

38) In June 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 2 grade 2 endometrial (uterine) cancer

39) due to cancer I had a hysterectomy at age 29 

40) I am a junk food junkie who hates most sweets (weird I know)

41)  I am a teen mom (16 and pregnant) addict...  there is something about this show that sucks me in

42) I also watch "The secret life of an American Teenager" and since the series has ended, have recently started from the beginning and am watching all 5 seasons on Netflix 

43)  I love zebra print

44) my 12 year old daughter and I are so close in size that we shop for clothes in the same department 

45) I know what it is like to be bald

46) my natural hair color is dark brown

47) my eyes are also dark brown

48) I am Cherokee Indian

49) I am a HUGE procrastinator

50) I love to play in the mud/dirt and use my kids as an excuse to do so

51) I am an outdoorsy person and prefer the outdoors over inside anytime

52) I am an Okie and even more importantly I am an Okie from Muskogee (yes just like the song)

53) I have recently (not by choice) become a minimalist and I must say it is very freeing and I am actually enjoying it

54) despite my recently found (forced) minimalist lifestyle I am a clothes hoarder 

55) I currently own 17 pairs of shoes (I said I was a clothes hoarder)

56) I love taking pictures (especially of my kids)

57) I hate having my picture taken

58) I love to cook and have been doing it more now that I can make one of my kids do the dishes

59) I recently picked up the "hobby" of cake decorating

60) I love to read

61) I write poetry and have since I was very young

62) I really am not sure why I chose to do this list

63) I am really lame (as made obvious by this list)

64) I love vampires and yes I even shamelessly <3 Twilight (which I am totally aware isn't really considered a vampire movie, since vampires don't sparkle)

65) I don't really have a "style" (at least not one I stick too) 

68) I TOTALLY just skipped #s 66 & 67 (cause that's how I roll lol) 

69) I have dreamed of being a writer since... Well pretty much as long as I can remember

70) I watch far more cartoons than any "real" tv (news etc)

71) I shamelessly spoil my kids rotten whenever possible

72) I recently became sort of a health nut 

73) I recently realized that once you reach a place in life that you finally have your head straight, that's when your body starts to fall apart

74) I love music (almost all types) and love to blast music loudly while dancing and singing loudly and badly

75) I can find almost anything funny - I try to find humor in all situations, sometimes life puts you in situations where you either laugh or cry and I choose to laugh 

76) I didn't realize talking about myself would be so hard : /

77) I love hard, and get hurt easily .... Not one of my best qualities

78) I am extremely independent ( like to a fault) I absolutely HATE having to ask anyone for help

79) most people (when seeing me) think I am way younger than I really am

80) I am a dr.pepper addict and seriously can not make it 24 hours without one

81) I hate to shop

82) I am obsessed with and really <3 skulls (especially "girly" skulls)

83) I also really like camo (hey I told you I didn't really have a style see #65)

84) mini vans make me nauseous and really I never see myself EVER driving one, although for all the women who rock mini vans.... GO YOU!

85) my teenage sons friends refer to me as the "hot mom" 

86) my pre teen daughters friends refer to me as the "awesome mom"

87) obviously I always have a ton of preteen girls and teen boys who want to spent the night, luckily for me, our apartment to too small (well at least that is the excuse I use)

88) although I do NOT want my kids to be parents anytime soon, oddly enough I can't wait to be Grandma (although I think it is because I have a slight case of baby fever with no babies in my future until grand kids)

89) I am the oldest sibling with one brother and one sister both of whom are 7 years younger than me and only two months apart in age

90) woohoo I made it and finished this list, I didn't think I would but I did!!!!

Well that was fun (ok not really) but at least it was informative (and lame - go ahead admit it) I am just happy to be publishing my 90th post, I honestly never imagined that my little spot would grow so much and I am looking forward to seeing it grow more 


  1. For a minute there on some of those I thought you were talking about me. I've had my hair hot pink and orange before. orange was by accident. Glad I'm not the only one who colors their hair wild colors. I wanna go completely rainbow one day. I'm random too. and am a child at heart and will be forever. Alot of the others I can relate too as well. Those were great facts. Not sure I could do that. LOL but i'm sure I could if I tried. come stop by one day when you get a chance. hope the move go well when it gets to that time and hope things are going great in your life. Pink is my fave color too. come to think of it that's why i like your back ground so much.


    1. It's really cool that we have so many similarities

  2. You've only worn a dress twice?! What?! I wear them all the time...even on weekends. They are so much more comfortable than shorts or pants because they're not restricting and they don't dig into my fat belly. It allows for maximum eating.

    When I was young, I too wanted to be a lawyer. Now that I'm a lawyer, all I really want is to be an author.

    Ain't that the way it goes?

    Happy 90th post!

    1. Well not twice in my entire life, but only twice in the last several years. I find that I am such a Tom boy the my inappropriate business gets aired when I wear a dress (if you catch my drift lol)

      I have always wanted to be an author or lawyer and now well I still want to be an author but I get plenty of arguing with my kids

  3. I LOVE teen mom and sixteen and pregnant! More so teen mom.. ehh health nut? I read your post while I eat cookies.. ha, take that :P
    It's so hard to come up with so many things hey? xx

    1. I said I was a recent health nut lol and honestly not even that healthy of a health nut, I was eating candy when I wrote this, but the truth is after surgery and chemo my body changed a lot and I am trying to loose all those un wanted pounds so I have to at least pretend to be a health nut in public lol

  4. Happy 90th! Had to stop over to return the visit and glad I did. Loved the list and I will forgive the two skipped. I totally adore your diversity and positive attitude. I'm sure you make your corner brighter just by being in it. Rock on!

    1. Well thank you very much for the totally awesome compliment which made my head expand like a hellium balloon, and thank you,for visiting

  5. I once ate at the Red Lobster in Muskogee. Drove there many times. Random share, I know.
    Happy 90th! How does it feel to be so experienced? :) You've really been homeless three times??? How did you bounce back? You must tell that story. Or did you, and if so, where is it in the archives?

    1. Muskogee is little and boring but its cool to know you've been here : )

      Yes we have really been homeless three times I wrote about it here --http://mommysrambles.blogspot.com/2012/04/homeless-yes-hopeless-no.html

  6. Kimbra, you have had a life and then some! How did you pack it all in? I can't even imagine what the next 30 years has in store for you! You might just go to the moon!

    1. I hope I don't go to the moon honestly the last 2 years alone has been enough to make me feel more than double my actual age. I hope that the next 30 years are my years of calm and happiness.

  7. Wow, we have a lot in common. I admire your strength and resilience. Happy to hear you're moving to your own home soon. Very exciting. Congrats!

    1. I always love it when I hear that I have things in common with others, makes me feel a little less weird.... Thank you so much for your admiration but I feel I am undeserving. Thank you also for the comgrats, I am incredibly excited to be potentially moving from this shoe box soon