Wednesday, July 24, 2013

They want to grow up... but I don't!

All day, everyday I hear my children mumble, "I can't wait to grow up". This of course causes instant need to shake them vigorously while screaming "snap out of it kid, you have no idea what you are wishing for" Of course the more you tell them how un-fun being an adult really is, the more they appear to want it. In fact many conversations in my home, go some what like this...

Me: Clean your room
Spawn: I can't wait to grow up so I don't have to clean my room
Don't they realize, that growing up means that not only do they have to clean their room, but they also have to clean up the rooms, and messes of others as well.

Me: Do the dishes please
Spawn: I can't wait to grow up so I never have to wash dishes again
Sorry kid, but when you grow up you not only have to wash dishes, but you also have to prepare the food that creates those dirty dishes.

Me: It's time for bed
Spawn: I can't wait to grow up, so I won't have a bedtime
I promise that when you grow up you will look forward to bedtime, with eager anticipation, you will also probably want.... NAPS *gasp*

Me: Eat your dinner
Spawn: I can't wait to grow up so I can eat whatever I want
sadly once you are grown up, your metabolism will betray you and slow down to the speed of a slug, meaning you still are unable to eat whatever you want (well at least not without paying for it later). So eat your dinner, and while you are at it, enjoy your doughnuts and candy bars while you still can.

Me: Do your homework
Spawn: homework is dumb, I can't wait till I grow up, and never have to do homework again
When you grow up homework will be replaces with house works, jobs, bills, and guess what maybe even homework (that is of course if you have school aged children)

I wish that we could magically go all freaky Friday on my kids, and zap them 10 years into the future, showing them what adulthood, and all of it's "Fun" is really about. Oh the things I would do if I could relive my childhood.  I would sleep till noon, and catch up on all those avoided naps. I would watch cartoons, and ride a bike without saying I was bored. I would eat a greasy burger, and a deep fried side of potatoey goodness without complaining (or counting calories). I would do my homework, make my bed, and wash the dishes without complaint. I would wear cool clothes, and stay up late. Oh the places I would go... Oh the things I would do... How about you? What would you do if you could relive your childhood too??


  1. I would listen to my mother when she said 'wear suncream', I would appreciate my friends more, I would learn how to cook BEFORE having children, I would be braver and do crazy things with my hair, I would break up with the boys who were mean to me rather than staying with them waiting for them to start being nice and just for good measure, I would climb a tree and stay there all day all by myself.

    1. I love your list of things you could do if you could go back to your childhood. I especially love the one about breaking up with the boys who were mean. I spent way too much time with mean boys when I was a kids. Also super love the idea of climbing up in a tree and staying there all day, I would do that now if I wasn't so scared of breaking my bones LOL!

  2. I would Not rush growing up! I'm with you on this, I thought being an adult looked awesome but when you're a kid you don't see all work it really takes. If I could go back, I would go back to be being a teen. Those really are the best years, no real worries, chilled with your friends all the time and no real responablities....if only for a day, haha. Thanks so much for linking up with the tattler Thursday blog hop! Great post. (ImNoHumdrum-mum *co-host*)

    1. When I was a kid, being grown up looked amazing! My childhood ended when I had my first child two months before my 17th birthday, and I tell my kids constantly not to rush it, they will have plenty of time to be grown up later.

  3. I would never, ever, ever go back to my childhood. Not for ONE SECOND. I couldn't wait for it to be over, I barely made it through and I'm so glad it's over. I would, however, like to Freaky Friday-style like to change places w/my teenager, so he could see how DIFFICULT it is to be an adult. And awesome, yes, adults can BUY BOOZE whenever we want :) but I would like him to know how much you need school, a good job, good positive friends around you, etc. Nice post!

    1. It is an awesomeness that we can not only buy, but consume alcohol whenever we want, but I would almost give up that privilege for the ability to be responsibility free for a while (hey I said almost) thank you for visiting and reading my post!!!