Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wife swap - life swap... Could you survive?

I sat here tonight thinking, pondering, and staring blankly at a white screen suffering from what has recently been the worst case of writers block known to man... You know the kind, write a sentence, delete a sentence, rinse and repeat. Then just at the moment when I was ready to swear off writing forever (because obviously I suck) I looked at my Tv , and saw two wives ready to switch lives for two weeks. Of course at this point the old hamster wheel began to crack... I was thinking thoughts I never thought I'd think, and then something strange happened, my fingers began to move across the keyboard..
For those who potentially haven't seen the show "Wife Swap" well first of all, you must either live under a rock, or worse... Never watch lifetime. The show title is pretty self explanatory, it's about two wives/moms who switch lives for two weeks. The first week the moms have to live my the other family's rules and during the second week she is allowed to change the rules in order to show her new family the way her family works. 
The show hosts  pampered house princesses, hard working army moms, moms addicted to video games, lazy moms, over achiever moms, stay at home moms, non traditional moms, biker moms, farmer moms, and the list goes on ....  Personally I feel like it would be neat, and maybe even a little fun to participate in a show like this, but that thought is quickly followed with, "I wonder what type of mom, I would be swapped for".. Of course there are a few types who I feel wouldn't survive two weeks with my family, and other types I feel my family wouldn't survive two weeks with. Of course being the me that I am I had to over think and scrutinize many different scenarios to my potential life swapping. I mean I wouldn't be me, if I didn't. 
1) Pampered House Princess: the wife/ mom who everyone in the house caters to, her one duty in life is to shop, look pretty, and be treated like royalty. 
Would she survive in my family?: the short answer here is NO! My family is a tad spoiled, and a lot lazy. Meaning the only chores expected of my children are, to keep their rooms (which currently look as though huge tornados flew threw them) clean, and occasionally wash dishes... My kids would cause this woman to run screaming within the first couple of hours.

Would my family survive her?: piece of cake, as I mentioned this woman would be running for the hills shortly after entering my house, and seeing all I do.

Could I survive her life?: oh YES! Who wouldn't want to spend a week, shopping and being waited on hand and foot? I think her life would be a vacation for me

2)The strict mom: the over achiever, over planner, super scheduled, hard working mom who runs her house like a tight ship.

Would my family survive her?: I am guessing no, I am guessing that within a few hours she would have my children calling the labor board and hiding under their beds crying. However, I think it may bring them some appreciation for me, and for the easy lives they have.

Would she survive my family?: my money is on this woman. She's rough, tough, and knows how to take charge. Not only would she survive my family, she would make my family her bitch.

Could I survive her life?: sure, I mean her family is already accustomed to hard work, so I think perhaps her life may also feel just a little like a vacation to me. I mean how hard can it be to boss everyone around for a week?

3) The farmer mom- the mom who not only takes care of the house and kids, but takes on the responsibility of caring for animals, as well as many times living off the earth and is constantly secluded from the world for weeks or months at a time.

Would my family survive her?: their chances are 50/50 here, my kids hate manual labor, and are pretty tough, so I believe this woman may have a fight on her hands. 

Would she survive my family?: I am not sure. I think she has a 50/50 shot, if she can get a good bluff in on them right away,  but if she shows even one bit of weakness my kids will sniff it out like blood hounds and she is done for.

Would I survive her life?: No! There is no way, who wants to spend a week isolated from society scooping animal poop? Well I am sure there are some women who get great joy from this, but I am NOT one of them.

4) The biker mom: the leather wearing, super relaxed, motorcycle riding, party mom.

Could my family survive her? Yes, and I think they'd have a blast, no chores, no strict rules, and of course motorcycles, and parties 

Could she survive my family?: I am not too sure, I think the odds would be I her favor as the biker mom is likely the one who would be most like me. Although she may be driven to the brink of insanity by my over demanding children... So it's a toss up.

Could I survive her life?: for sure, no problem... As a I mentioned this moms personality most resembles my own, so I think the odds are definitely in my favor here.

5) The video game addicted mom - the mom who avoids all real responsibility in order to spend time playing video games of all sorts

Would my family survive her?: ummm, YES I have a herd of video game addicted children

Would she survive my family?: did you read the last answer? Of course she would

Would I survive her life?: No, I can feel my brain turning to mush just thinking about living that life. I hate video games, and would likely die from boredom after mere seconds of her life.

So perhaps the moral of this story is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, or maybe the moral is don't sign up for wife swap... What do you think? How would your family fair if faced with a wife swap or a life swap situation? 


  1. I watch this from time to time.. and I kind of feel the same way.. I wouldn't do it... I appreciate what I have.. and I wouldn't subject my family to whatever WS would send our way.

    Most of the time, the mothers don't even gain an appreciation for what they do have... It's just an inconvenience to them.

    But, yet, I still watch it... it's a guilty pleasure... like Dance Moms... damn Lifetime network

    1. Most of the mothers on this show, make me sick honestly, they take everything in life for granted.

      I love lifetime, but have never watched dance moms, truthfully I don't watch much tv at all, I simply have it on for the noise.

  2. I've had to watch Wife Swap when KeeCee is in the hospital, and as much as I hate reality TV, I find I can't stop watching it if I'm in the room with it. Some of those moms - and their spouses - are the biggest buckets of crazy I've ever laid eyes on.

    I enjoyed your analysis. I would like to do that week of getting facials, massages, mani-pedi, hair did, and shopping. But The Princess would totes flee my house, because not only is that not in our budget, but no one's is that high maintenance, and I'd make her wear clothes from Good Will! :D

    Peace & grace,
    Lynne DeVenny Craig
    The Good Will Hunting Paralegal,

    1. You are so incredibly correct, some of these moms and their spouses are just too crazy for words. You are also correct that no one is (or should be) that high maintenance it's a waste of time and money. Love the idea of good will clothes : )

  3. Well, no "rinse, repeat" this time, great post! I love the way you laid it out and gave it some layers. Anyhow, I'd do it in hopes my family would get the pampered wife and she what life's like without mom. Lol

    1. My kids really need to learn about life without mom, I fear that reality is going to serve them their butts on a platter when they are older and must face the real world

  4. LOL I have always wondered how my family would survive a wife swap. I always joke around with my husband when its on. I hope I could switch with the pampered wife of course!! Who doesn't love pampering ;)

    1. I think we could all use a little pampering every once in awhile, although I really don't think my family would truly survive a single day without me. LOL!

  5. I've only every watched a handful of episodes of this show, but I frequently find myself either cringing or raising my eyebrows. I often wonder if my family could survive a "swap," then I realize that my husband would completely freak out if that were ever to really happen.

    1. My hubby and children would totally freak. They live a pretty pampered (spoiled) life, so I know they wouldn't be able to handle it.