Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My poetry

Today feels like a day for some poetry

Happiness is in your arms,
Guarded, safe, and free from harm.
My head pressed snugly against your chest
clearing my mind and giving peaceful rest.
Happiness is your hand in mine,
walking together and feeling quiet fine
Smiling and laughing, so care free.
Not a worry in the world when you are with me.
Happiness is the smile on your face,
so uplifting and full of grace.
The laughter we share, and just to know you are there.
Happiness is a ring on my finger, and
vows and name changes...
Saying I am yours,
even through all of the strangeness.
Happiness is you and me together forever,
and that's how it should be.
I want nothing more, then to hold you till I die.
You are my life and about that I would never lie.
Broken and Alone:
I sit here in the quiet my mind racing round.
Listening and thinking,
longing for a single sound.
The sound of your heartbeat,
is all I really need,
To sooth my broken soul, and
set my mind at ease.
The thumping of your heart which says
all is well,
But I simply can not hear it,
I am tortured and in hell.
To lay my head upon your chest,
is all I need for peaceful rest.
But the silence that surrounds me,
is like a slow and painful death.
I can feel my heart breaking and,
my soul shouts a tortured scream.
I want to be with you....
I want to feel like me!
Without you I am but a broken shell, ,
with a distant longing for the person I used to be.
I want to be happy,
and feel beautiful and free.
Instead I sit here broken and alone,
desperately longing for the heartbeat,
I call home.
Each click of the clock is
another heartbeat missed
With my mind left wondering,
how can this be fixed?
Are there any words to say, or
actions I can do...
To show just how much you're missed
and that my heart belongs to you?
Without you I will surely die broke and alone.
Because of this I truly wish,
that one day your heart will once again
be my home.
Dazed and Confused:
Confusion sets in all alone in the night.
That dazed sort of feeling, something's not right.
Your arms are my home, and my heart is yours.
But, with you here with me, I'm simply
alone and unsure.
I search for familiarity. I listen for truth.
but I always end up so
dazed and confused.
Alone in the darkness, missing your touch
I am surrounded by thoughts
of times I messed up.
If only you would forgive me,
and let me back in your heart.
I promise to be faithful, and never to part.
I can not go on with life in this state.
I must have you with me, and I must be with you.
I no longer want to wander,
feeling dazed and confused.
A new home:
I need to find a home.
A place where sadness does not dwell.
A place where screams and fighting don't make life
a living hell.
A place where life's demands do not bleed me dry.
A place I feel safe and sound,
instead of always wanting to cry.
A place where tortured hearts are foreign, and unknown,
and I can find comfort and solitude,
rather than feeling alone.
A place where love is overflowing,
and peace is available in plenty.
A place where smiles are seen, and no one lives in pity.
A place full of happiness, and not constant fear.
A place that is someplace...
but here!

Written By: Kimbra Thomas



  1. I thought they were great because you can tell they re from the soul. I ve had to tell myself blogging is not a job that needs to go on my to do list. It s suppose to be my escape, my me time. A chance as mothers and women to reflect. Hope you feel better but I know it must be hard.
    Angela @ Time with A & N

  2. Thank you Angela, I revamped my blog along with my entire blogging attitude, it is my hopes that the redecorating will help me come out of my funk