Friday, September 27, 2013

Where does all that energy come from?

Ever wonder where your kids energy comes from? I know I sure do, well I did until I recently realized that they must suck it from the parents. That's right, like hungry leaches they suck every single ounce of energy from us parents. Why do they do this? Well most likely it is some sort of evil plot to take over the world. That or a plot to make parents crumble and let them watch ignorant cartoons, and eat junk food to their hearts content just so to have two seconds of peace... Yea, I think that's it.  Those energy sucking little rug rats love cartoons and junk food. Because of this fact, I firmly believe that from the second their feet hit the floor in the morning, their one and only mission in life is to get  said cartoons and junk at any cost, even if this means running us poor parents to near our death beds...

Of course just as you think you may have a moments peace, someone will surely need a drink, another snack, or some help of some sort (like removing the Kix from their nostril) ... Our only hope as parents is bedtime, when we can finally breath in the sweet essence of silence and calm, sadly we are too drained of energy (you know since our kids have sucked it all away) to really enjoy said silence before drifting off to sleep on the couch, more often then not before even showering, preparing tomorrows lunch, or putting that load of laundry in the dryer.

Don't worry though, tomorrow you will have another opportunity to be sucked dry, by those too cute for words little rug rats that you love more than life itself... The only thing that would make parenthood better is well... If we could bottle all the energy our children suck from us, and knock back a couple as needed. Wouldn't that be the life?