Thursday, October 24, 2013

parrallel universe

The sounds were flying wildly - the TV, the kids screaming, the sound of my toddler playing on my phone next to me. There was simply no way I could concentrate. I tried to focus. I tried to remember, but I simply couldn't...

Then it happened, silence... Where has all the noise gone? Where am I? I sit and I stare into nothingness. What is this awkwardness? Could it be that I have been driven to insanity? Am I sleeping? Maybe I am sleeping? *pinches self* No, I'm awake!  Maybe I am deaf, that's it... Stress induced deafness... So much noise, and now I can hear nothing.

Or could it just be that I am a mom? Silence is scary in the land of motherhood. Almost like a horror movie, you feel as if you must have fallen into an alternate universe whenever quietness becomes reality... But I think I like it here, I think I want to live in this universe known as BEDTIME forever.

The spawn are duct tapped snuggled tightly into their bed with visions of tomorrows plans to torture me dancing in their heads. I sit here in the silence able to finally concentrate... Personally I think this universe know as bedtime is GREAT!


  1. I agree!!! I never know what to do with myself in those moments of silence.
    Angela @ Time with A & N

    1. Moments of silence are a rare thing in my house, but when they happen I always find myself feeling lost, and often times even bored LOL!

  2. Enjoyed reading your post. I am an empty nester, but I do remember those days of toddling in the household and the many lessons they taught me especially if everything got quiet. I now have grandchildren and the same goes for them, especially when they are here and get too quiet.