crazy Lil ol' ME

Well hello there, if you are reading this, then you have fallen down a rabbit hole of insanity and landed here. So, let me take this time to welcome you to The Asylum. My name is Kimbra and I am the creator of chaos in this asylum that I call life. I am however also the one my monsters, and midget refer to as "mom". I have been nearly every kind of mom imaginable... Yup, it's true! Even though it may seem unbelievable, I have been a teen mom, young/married mom, mom to a disabled child, divorced mom, single mom, remarried mom, stay at home mom, working mom, grieving mom, cancer fighting mom, and the list could go on and on, Most recently I became the mom who is living with a laundry list of chronic/terminal illnesses, and still managing to find some life (and even some humor) in my days.
I originally started this blog in 2011 shortly after my son passed away from Hydranencephaly. I have always found that writing was like an escape for me. Writing allowed me to go places, do things, and be people I could not normally go, do, or be. Not long after beginning writing I realized that reading my posts, was a little like reading a script for a bad soap opera. This made me want to share my blog with others. It wasn't so much that I needed an audience as that I hoped perhaps someone might drop in for a read, and maybe get a little pick me up, or better yet an all out belly laugh.

If you have come here expecting a "mom blog" or even a blog with a specific niche. I fear that you have stumbled down the wrong yellow brick road. I am not your "typical" mom and this is not a "typical" blog. I like to think of myself as the gray in a world of black and white. I'm a bit different, a little unique, but 100% genuinely me. And, this blog... Well it is a buffet of many different things. I write about my monsters... umm teenagers, my midget, my marriage,  my health, and pretty much anything my mind decides to spew through my fingers onto my computer.

So since your still here you've obviously become at least a bit intrigued by my asylum. I hope that you enjoy things here, and maybe even become inspired. Feel free to jump on the furniture, kick your feet up, and grab a snack. You are now along for the ride please keep your hands, feet, and other objects inside the car until ride has come to a complete stop. We are clear for take off in 3...2...1

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